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101 Awesome Bullet Journal Ideas (With Pictures!) – Page 02

Hello and welcome to another installment of awesome bullet journal page ideas!

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Here we go!

This post of ideas is dedicated to one of our personal favorite spreads:


Bullet journal tracker pages are a fantastic way to keep up with progress you’re making in any area you’d like.

(Not to mention)

They’re super fun to plan AND a great way to develop good habits. Thus, without further adieu,

Let’s get our inspire on!

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Stay on top of everything you’d like to accomplish with these nifty bullet journal tracker pages.

22. Habit Tracker – A very popular page for the bullet journal. Habit Trackers showcase your daily habits to ensure you’re accomplishing everything you’d like to get done.

23. Productivity Tracker – Similarly, but also slightly different to the habit tracker, this page is help keep you on track on whatever you may be specifically focused on.

24. Weather Tracker – Great for staying on top of what the weather will be like at any given time.

25. Mood Tracker – Yet another very popular page, Mood Trackers are designed to track how you are feeling. A very powerful tool for self development and also work well in helping with anxiety or depression.


Next we have some bullet journal trackers perfect for health and fitness.

26. Weight Tracker – Here you can keep track of the pounds you need to lose and set goals for your target weights. (You can even throw some rewards in there too!)

27. Fitness Tracker – You can use a fitness spread to keep track of how you’re progressing with your level of fitness. Maybe track weight set progress or perhaps just how often you’re working out.

28. Food Tracker – Next up: food! Here you can keep a log of your daily meals and food.

29. Water Tracker – Make sure you get all your 8 ounces with this handy water intake tracker.

30. Spending Tracker – Keep tabs on what you’re spending your money on each day or month.


Here are a few other interesting bullet journal tracker spreads to add to your pages.

31. Savings Tracker – Use a savings spread page to visually see where you’re at with your saving goals as well.

32. Sleep Tracker – Document when you’re going to bed and waking up each day.

33. Menstrual Cycle Tracker – A quirky page to keep track of when Aunt Flo comes to town.

34. Social Media – Here you can keep tabs on what’s going on with your social pages and schedule out when and what you should post.

35. Follower Tracker – Similarly, you can keep tally of how many followers, views, or friends that you’re racking up.


Lastly, we have a few excellent lifestyle tracker ideas to put in your bujos.

36. Study Tracker – Study pages ensures you’re keeping up with your test prep and homework.

37. Routine Tracker – Great for documenting your daily routines and helping you stay on course.

38. Level 10 Lifestyle – This unique tracker is based on concept from “The Miracle Morning” By Hal Rod. Use it to record how you feel about your current life and where you’d like to make improvements.

39. Dream Tracker – Serves as a record of all your dreams and interpretations.

40. Countdown Trackers – A great bullet journal addition for counting down to special events and dates.

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