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101 Awesome Bullet Journal Ideas (With Pictures!) – Page 05

Bullet Journal Ideas Listed On This Page

Misc Pages

82. Favorite Songs/Playlist – A cool page to write out a mixtape or some of your favorite songs.

83. Favorite Books/Movies – Keep track of your all time favorites.

84. “Things” Page – This is a good page to write about some of your preferences. For example “Things I [blank] about [blank]” or things that you love.

85. Happiness Page – A great page for listing out everything that makes you happy.

86. Self Care – Another popular buju spread that highlights all the things that you like ot do to pamper and treat yourself.

87. Self Help Pages – Also a very important page that can help you feel great. Especially if you have anxiety or depression.

Misc Pages

88. Hygge List – (Pronounced hue-guh or hoo-guh) Another unique spread dedicated to things that make you feel a sense of comfort, coziness, and wellbeing. Think of it almost like a Norwegian/Danish version of Feng Shui.

89. Lunar Phases – A unique page that keeps track of the moon cycles.

90. How To Pages – Here you can draw or write out some instructional directions to reference later.

91. Plant Pages – Another quirky page that I’ve come across in a couple different journals.

92. Collection Pages – Here you can make a collage of any kind of collections that you’d like.


93. Needs & Wants – Jot down some ideas of things that you’d like to have and that you need.

94. Blog Ideas – If you run your own website or blog, you can jot down some ideas for posts and content here.

95. Recipes – What planner would be complete without some recipe ideas?

96. Date Night Ideas – Here you can get creative about some super fun dates and activities to do with that special someone.

97. Vacation Ideas – Another great page for brainstorming where you’d like to go and what you’d like to do.


98. Family Ideas – Recipes, chores, activities, you name it. Whatever you’d like to do with your loved ones.

99. Makeup Ideas – Another fun spread where you can get creative with different make ups and other things. Also great for cosplayers too!

100. Writing Prompt/Diary Page – Using your journal as an actual journal? Who’d have thought! Use this page record your thoughts and feelings.

101. Party Ideas – Here you can list out guests, decorations, and (most importantly) food and cake!

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